Inorganic Transformation

The Strategic Role of HR in M&A

Get Prepared for - and involved with - future Oil & Gas deals

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Our global footprint of consultants -- 600 Energy and 200+ M&A -- bring a depth of experience and ‘know-how’ unmatched in the industry.

Mercer Energy is the leading provider of strategic advice and execution support across Health, Wealth, Careers and M&A to over 500 oil and gas organizations across the globe.

We help oil & gas organizations maximize value creation before, during and after mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and/or divestitures -- and support clients on both the buy and sell side of transactions.

Focused on accelerating value creation

Inorganic transformation:

Accelerating value creation through the management of all human capital aspects of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

Involve HR early on

The human capital component of a transaction has proved to be a leading success indicator — and if not addressed effectively and with urgency, the leading reason for failure. Involve HR (and HR, clearly state your case) to enhance the probability of a successful merging of leaders, cultures, benefits, talent, operations and more.

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Seven drivers for positive disruption in oil and gas

Mercer has identified seven drivers for positive disruption in oil and gas — including the subject of this analysis — with both short- and long-term implications and opportunities for enhancing performance across the entire value chain. The platform and drivers were derived by Mercer Energy experts engaging in strategic conversations with business and HR leaders around the world.

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M&A transactions come in all ranges of sizes and complexity. Many oil & gas companies have gone through mass workforce reductions and unfortunately, a lot of companies didn’t do that as well as they could have.

— Milan Taylor, Mercer Global Oil and Gas Segment Leader

How to prepare for M&A

Most companies say they realize that managing talent issues and HR involvement starting at due diligence are vitally important to their deals, yet many do not provide adequate time and attention to these aspects. In Mercer’s People Risks in M&A Transactions research report, 64% said that talent is the most significant aspect of due diligence.

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Flight Risk in M&A: The Art and Science in Retaining Talent

“If my HR leader wants a seat at the table, they better come prepared with a comprehensive process to manage the retention discussion from start to finish with my business leaders.”

— CEO, Fortune 500 company

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Mercer’s M&A Ready™ Program prepares you to tackle the critical people issues such as retention, key talent assessment, workforce engagement, compensation and benefits, and cultural integration. Register for our two-day working sessions:

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